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Potential effects of Lamu coal plant

Elements of biodiversity

  1. The Lamu coal plant would negatively impact ecologically fragile protected areas across Lamu. Lamu County is home to a number of legally protected marine, forest, and wildlife reserves. South of the project site, Lamu Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized for its significance as the oldest and best preserved Swahili settlement in East Africa. Northeast of the project site, Kiunga marine and Dodori forest reserves are designated UNESCO Biosphere Reserves. The Boni-Lungi Forest Ecosystem is part of the internationally-recognised East Africa coastal forest biodiversity hotspot.
  2. Lamu coal plant is surrounded by protected and recognised nature areas within…

Recent news about Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited


  • Kenya Power enters solar to curb consumers switch (11 February)
  • Kenya Power in U-turn on bills increase push (11 March)
  • Kenya Power to work on re-negotiating fixed charges with power firms (12 March)
  • State explores new terms for Sh65bn Kenya Power debt (23 March)
  • Uhuru picks team to review Kenya Power’s costly purchase deals (31 Mar)
  • State appoints team to review Kenya Power deals (1 April)
  • Kenya Power defaults Sh23.9bn KenGen bill (1 April)
  • MPs to investigate Kenya Power over inflated electricity cost (1 April)
  • Inside Kenya Power’s fresh turn to tame bill defaulters (1 April)
  • Power firm softens push…

Kenya coal coverage

Related coverage

As of 2021, major Kenyan government planning documents indicate continuing plans for coal industry development.

Least Cost Power Development Plan 2020–2040 (released 2021)

Includes coal industry development. Screens proposed Lamu and Kitui coal plants but recommends against development until 2040. Describes Kitui coal mining status and notes environmental and social concerns. (Previous LCPDPs since 2011 have included coal plans and predicted high demand growth.) LCPDP is here. Summaries as follows:

Kenya Draft 2021 Budget Policy Statement (January 25, 2021)

Document on Parliament website. Excerpts:

  • 150… the Government is committed to ensure an efficient and reliable production, transmission and distribution of affordable, clean and reliable energy.
  • 153. Going forward, the Government is set to boost power generation from…

Sections relevant to coal industry development


AN ACT of Parliament to consolidate the laws relating to energy, to provide for National and County Government functions in relation to energy, to provide for the establishment, powers and functions of the energy sector entities; promotion of renewable energy; exploration, recovery and commercial utilization of geothermal energy; regulation of midstream and downstream petroleum and coal activities; regulation, production, supply and use of electricity and other energy forms; and for connected purposes

5. (1) The Cabinet Secretary shall in consultation with the relevant stakeholders develop, publish and review energy plans in respect of coal, renewable energy and electricity…

Relevant sections of the official updated report released in January 2021

For reference and comparison, previous LCPDP 2017–2037 here.

Least Cost Power Development Plan, study period 2020–2040

Selected points:

  • Integrated National Energy Plans (INEPs) will be developed and an Energy Policy updated every 5 years from now on, following Section 4–8 of the Energy Act 2019, once the INEP framework and draft regulation are approved.
  • This plan “in particular… attempts to restructure the generation sequence of power plants in a manner that matches the demand forecast closely. This is to ensure that the demand-supply balance is not skewed too heavily towards supply as to leave the sector with stranded generation investments and the attendant high system costs.”
  • Energy demand…

Coal sections of the official updated report released in January 2021

For reference and comparison, previous LCPDP 2017–2037 here.

Least Cost Power Development Plan, study period 2020–2040

  • In accordance with the Energy Act of 2019, the Cabinet Secretary is mandated to develop an Integrated National Energy Plan in respect of coal, renewable energy and electricity so as to ensure delivery of reliable energy services at least cost.

Generation Expansion Planning:

  • The LCPDP recommends adoption of the optimised case. In this model, coal is added into the mix in the year 2040. Coal would generate 981 mW, or 12% of total electricity, as listed in the Optimised Reference Expansion Plan-Generation Capacity Summary Table.
  • “The expansion plan adopted as the least…

[pending review for accuracy]

There are several indications that plans for coal mining industry development in Mui Basin, Kitui, are moving forward.

In its recently published Statistics Report 2019, the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA) noted, “To fast track exploration, development and production, the Government has decided to concession all four blocks to private companies through a competitive international bidding process,” as reported by Business Daily.

In October 2020, The Star reported that Centre for Human Rights and Civic Education (CHRCE), based in Mwingi, produced a new report on the status and called on coal mining contractors to disclose…

16 November 2020 Save Lamu announcement and ensuing media coverage

ICBC (Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) has withdrawn its financing from Lamu coal plant project due to environmental and social risks. Save Lamu announced this news and issued a press statement on 16 November 2020.

Kenya’s The Star obtained independent confirmation of the withdrawal, citing Chinese Embassy press attaché: “Shelly Huang on Wednesday told the Star no Chinese company is currently involved in the project. ‘I never heard ICBC has intention or interests in investing in the proposed coal project. My information is that the project has been suspended since several years ago. …

Coal in Kenya

Compiled research and news about ongoing attempts to develop a coal industry in Kenya. #deCOALonize

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