Letter from Kenya’s Ministry of Environment and Forestry to United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) Secretariat

Full text, roughly extracted:

Potential effects of Lamu coal plant

Elements of biodiversity

  1. The Lamu coal plant would negatively impact ecologically fragile protected areas across Lamu. Lamu County is home to a number of legally protected marine, forest, and wildlife reserves. South of the project site, Lamu Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site recognized for its significance as the oldest and…

Recent news about Kenya Power and Lighting Company Limited


  • Kenya Power enters solar to curb consumers switch (11 February)
  • Kenya Power in U-turn on bills increase push (11 March)
  • Kenya Power to work on re-negotiating fixed charges with power firms (12 March)
  • State explores new terms for Sh65bn Kenya Power debt (23 March)
  • Uhuru picks team to review Kenya…

Least Cost Power Development Plan 2020–2040 (released 2021)

Coal in Kenya

Compiled research and news about ongoing attempts to develop a coal industry in Kenya. #deCOALonize

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